The weather has been good to us in London this week with loads of sunshine, but I’m still stuck on wearing dark colours. The sun crept up on us out of nowhere and I was caught off guard, I’m yet to do my summer shopping so whatever I found on my clothes rail just had to do. I feel like I never know what to wear, and you know what they say: when in doubt, wear black – so I did.

What I’ve been pondering on this week…

Every once in a while, when I take a break from running around like a headless chicken – I sometimes think about the effects of not walking the path God has set for me. Every single time this comes to mind, I’ve always just thought about what it means for me personally rather than considering how it impacts those around me.

The truth is others are waiting on you to inspire them, to clear the path for them or simply make the first move. You’re the stepping-stone to someone else’s greatness. By not stepping out, you’re not just hindering your own future or growth but also, directly and indirectly, affecting millions of others’. If you don’t get in shape and become the greatness God has created you to be, the world will miss out on what you have to offer. Be less afraid, say goodbye to procrastination and be the best you possibly can be, if not for yourself then do it for those who are waiting on you.

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