As I begin to really find my style, I’ve realised that I am extremely lazy when it comes to putting an outfit together, I can’t be asked to put much thought into it, or else I lose interest. There are enough stressful things out there in this world, putting a good outfit together shouldn’t be one of them. In order to make my life easier, I’ve started to invest in pieces that look stylish yet effortless. I didn’t think I’d ever be about that shirt life, simply because I just didn’t like how fitted most women’s shirts were, but here I am, wearing a shirt I actually feel comfortable in. Experimenting with and trying items and styles you wouldn’t normally go for, allows you to find hidden gems, and also helps to diversify your wardrobe.

Here’s to finding a lot more shirts like this one. I hope you have all been well, till next time, Toodles.

Shirt and Bag - Zara
Jeans - Topshop (Jamie)
Heels - H & M

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