Going along to various exhibitions and museums in London has always been something I wanted to do, it just sounded cool to me, plus who doesn’t like a bit of inspiration from time to time. Anyways on this day, I had planned on sleeping till the cows came home (as you do on your day off), but a friend of mine decided we should go see the Louis Vuitton: Series 3 Exhibition. It was nice to get an insight into the designer’s inspirations, and the making process, I loved the blindingly white rooms even though I had to squint whilst walking through them.

As always I had nothing to wear, and my room was a mess before I left the house, but it wasn’t all in vain, I managed to settle on this dress I had been waiting to wear all summer. A beautifully simple kimono like colour block dress, paired with my favourite hat and a leather jacket thrown in for good measure, fabulous.

In other news, I’ve finally landed myself an internship, praise God! I’m enjoying it so far, and I’ll make sure to do a post on it with tips and stuff when I’m done. I hope you’ve been well, and still making a valid effort to make sure you dreams come true.

Dress: H & M
Hat: Zara Man
Jacket: Pull and Bear
Shoes: Zara Kids

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